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J. Aedo is an international entrepreneur, teacher of practical philosophy and children’s book author. Born and raised in southern California, Jay often felt the weight of the different belief systems his parents, teachers and religious leaders followed.

As a writer and community leader, he encourages his young readers to look beyond the antiquated programs of the stories that have repeated for centuries. For the first time in the history of children’s books, an author tells biblical stories from a super-conscious perspective.

Why did Jay decide to do that?

It is because the narrative of victim-hood, where the protagonist fears responsibility and accuses others for their own mistakes has gone too far.

Stemming from Adam blaming Eve for having eaten the forbidden fruit, leading to stories such as that of Cain lying to God about having killed his brother, Abel. These tales subtly teach us to look outside ourselves for validation and blame.

J. instead shows you how the truth of God lies within all of us. He encourages his young readers to take responsibility for their actions and to never be fearful of speaking up for themselves.

Conscious effort is the key to empowering children all over the world in order to create their own story from the very beginning.


It only takes one generation to create an unrecognizable world. This is both practical and
attainable. We just have to rewrite the program, empower our children, and enjoy the journey, says the author.


Let him take you on a journey of one’s self. Read the the stories that have shaped the world in an entirely new and inspiring way.

J. Aedo