Conscious Bible Stories

Ancient stories shared for our modern times.

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Conscious Bible Stories are the very first bible tales ever told in a conscious light!

Have you ever thought: what if Cain didn’t kill his brother Abel out of rage? What if Adam and Eve followed their curiosity without being excluded? Or how would it be if God and Lucifer cleared up their differences, finding a new balance between their powers?

Jay Aedo answers all these questions in his children’s book series Conscious Bible Stories.

Cain & Abel

Read the first bedtime story written about Cain and Abel, which tells a story of two brothers who become conscious of their own conditions. No longer acting on old misunderstandings within themselves, the author provides a conscious twist which teaches children valued principals of forgiveness and empathy.

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Cain and Abel; Cain & Abel; Powell's City of Books; Paperback; Hardcover; Conscious Bible Stories

What conscious parents are saying


Having a paradigm shift a couple years ago led me to your book. I wanted to give new awareness to my son and was on a search for children’s books that had special meaning. I did not want to stray too far from some of the stories that I recalled reading as a child. Looking forward to your next release Jay.


Stories filled with meaning not only for our young one, but for my partner and I too. Your take on Cain & Abel is beautiful.


Conscious Bible Stories is a perspective the world has needed for a long time. A book and a message for all ages. Can’t wait for the next one in the series!


My kids absolutely love the book. Thank you Jay!


I heard about the author on a podcast that I listen to. It was a joy to see/hear my daughter reading Cain & Abel aloud. These days there are so many things that require care when explaining to our little ones, that it is a pleasure to experience multimedia with a clear message: kindness, compassion and understanding. The world needs more of this!
P.S. The artwork is so cute too.


What a cool experience reading this as a night-time story for my son!


This book has a powerful message that is easily digestible, it can benefit readers of all ages and any belief. I feel It can change the way we see the world and interact with individuals for everyone’s benefit. I do recommend.


I’ve always said that our children need more awareness at a young age. The artwork in the book caught my daughter’s attention and she could not keep the book down. It is such a great feeling knowing that my child is having fun while learning something of value. Thank you.


This is finally a children’s book with a true mission; setting your own children on a path of self-love and compassion, rather than guilt and jealousy. Instead of repeating ancient behavior it is shining a new light on difficult a situation suggesting alternative behaviors in a very subtle way. Truly empowering!


Consciousness is a hot topic. The Bible is oldschool.. Jae Aedo has blended the two creating a uniquely refreshing perspective. Look forward to the rest of the series!


My 3 kids can’t get enough of your book. Write more please! 🙂


Even as an adult, Conscious Bible Stories, are a great eye and heart opener. I really appreciate the wisdom Jay cultivates within us using his impressive storytelling.

This series will change a generation.


I purchased your book for my grandchildren. They are still very young, but both of them seemed to grasp a lot of the concepts. I’m glad that biblical stories are still relevant today.


My niece really enjoyed reading Cain & Abel. It was neat to see her having fun reading.


Just awesome. 5 stars!!!!!


What an absolutely brilliant retelling! What IF we gave our absolute best to those around us? What kind of world would that create?! Just imagine the possibilities. Absolutely loved the message. I hope there will be more retellings in the same fashion.

OurStory through conscious parenting

Not History. Ourstory; Not History; Ourstory; Conscious Parenting; Conscious Bible Stories

Conscious parents live OurStory because they lead their children by example through conscious parenting. Kids do what their parents do, not what they say. Acknowledge the importance of empowering and trusting your kids to make mistakes and be confident in their own choices.

It’s time to put history in its place – the past, where it belongs. It’s time for OurStory.

No longer are We swept away by History, the story of darkness, victimhood, and a conditioned mindset. OurStory takes place in time and space when We wake up tired of repeating history, and We are finally willing to shed light on the darkness and face Our own story, just like Cain and Abel did in Conscious Bible Stories.

It takes only one generation to change humanity and shift from History to OurStory. It is that easy to change the perspective of where we come from. Kids don’t have to filter their thoughts through years of trauma. They can just adapt to an empowering story and run with it. One generation later, our world is unrecognizable. That is the power we can create today! And it all starts with a conscious twist!

Who is the author?

Hi, I’m Jay!

One of my greatest passions is communication. I enjoy sharing the profound meaning of age old stories, in an easily digestible language. It is becoming increasingly important to deliver these understandings to our younger generations.

I believe that it takes only one generation to change humanity. My mission is to show others how the truth of God lies within all of us. I am here to encourage all my readers to take responsibility for their actions and to never be fearful of speaking up for themselves.

Conscious effort is the key to empowering children all over the world to create their own story. That is what conscious bible stories stand for; a new earth for conscious children and their parents.

Conscious Bible Stories; J. Aedo; Jay Aedo; Children's Author; Children's Writer; Conscious Parenting

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